A downloadable game for Windows

Hello !

This is the first project I've ever finish !

You're trapped in a complex with a evil cake and you need to escape !

(I tried working with LWRP in Unity but I have some optimization issues, sorry for the fps drop (it's happen only in one area), for some reasons occlusion culling refused to work properly)

(I know also there is some little bugs but it's not really annoying, this was my first game jam and I worked only 40h on the project, which is not enough to complete the project at 100%)

Have fun playing !

Install instructions

Extract ALL the files that are in the zip file and open "Alone with a liar.exe" to play the game. If you have any issues feel free to send me a private message on twitter -> @DayMoniakk. Have fun :)


Alone with a a liar.zip 392 MB


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Alright, I've completed your game. I must admit that the meme's room was funny. Though, the part in the dungeons to get the grappling gun was a bit too long. I'm wondering what happens if you grapple over the gap that leads to the cake room; can you actually reach the light?

No you can't because I've managed to block the usage of the grappling gun and the light is just a simple plane with a glow material :D

Hi guys ! The making of is uploaded ! 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

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Thanks for playing, sorry for the end of your video, you were not supposed to go here, maybe I forgot to add some hitbox x)

Don't forget to rate the game if you have 30s https://itch.io/jam/cgj/rate/476727